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Chinese Crypto Moguls Respond to Recording Controversy

Following the controversy earlier this week, when leading Bitcoin tycoon Li Xiao Lai called out fellow crypto moguls, Chen Weixang, another leading voice in the community, has responded.

On July 4th, Chen Weixing posted a response to Li Xiao Lai’s claims. Stating he would never be able to reconcile with the billionaire, Chen emphasised the lack of truth in Li’s words. Chen’s post aimed to debunk several key points of Li’s exchange, saying that Li Xiao Lai is the “first negative” and suspected that the BigONE exchange customer token has been misappropriated.

The following is the original text of Chen Weixing’s microblogging:

A lot of people came to ask if I was peacefully reconciled with Li Xiao Lai. This is absolutely impossible. I am not willing to sit down with him unless he publicly affirms support for the transparency industry, does not corrupt and uses public funds reasonably. Li Xiao Lai has always said that he wants to sue me to point out that he is a liar who infringes on his reputation. As a result, he puts a recording out of the essence of the scammer, and tells him the trick logic: “Do the net red, the circle fans and send a pile of garbage coins at a high price.” Sell ​​them to them.” Several key points in his cheat core must be exposed:

1. He is not the richest man. On the contrary, he has raised a lot of coins and money by various means. The money is to be paid back. There is a high probability that he is the “first negative” in the currency circle. Including 30,000 Bitcoin BitFund funds, inb’s 300 million yuan, BigONE and more than 20 other pyramids and air coins, over a dozen legal companies to raise funds, pull Alipay group Profit funds and wind power claims (tens of thousands of thousands of such funds to raise funds to retail investors), etc., these money are not legally regulated fund raising, the money is to be returned! But every time he shows people the same wave of money to create the illusion of the richest man, in fact, it is very likely that they are not enough to return these coins and money!

2. The pre-stored tokens of the BigONE exchange customers are seriously suspected of being misappropriated or stolen. The officially disclosed hot and cold wallets are only a few thousand eths and more than 200 bitcoins. These coins are not as expensive as a large one. Only such a coin is unimaginable. Bigone platform coin with a 40% dividend return promised to take a sum of money to collect a large amount of money, and then unilaterally stopped agreeing to send another token to repay a share of the dividend through the high price of the transaction mining, and then a few days later He unilaterally stopped trading; pressone he said in 9.4 when he said that the withdrawal of the currency did not cause trouble to the government, and soon went to BigONE on ieo, cutting 90% of retail investors. More than 20 of this kind of garbage junk coins are used to cut leeks on BigONE, and the BigONE exchange is his bloody private leeks slaughterhouse.

3. His fan operation mode is to pull a large chat group of 3-4 million people on the telegram, and constantly kick out those who have objections to the “inappropriate investors” and continue to pull him. The new amaranth attracted by the aura enters the group. These people are the core strength of his money-selling and selling coins. There are also many people who know that they are deliberately deceiving new leeks. Everyone is counting on Li Xiao Lai to pull in newcomers to pick up their own dishes.

4. He has no financial intermediaries in the future “blockchain”, so he should directly target retail investors. In the name of the so-called blockchain community, the righteous words of harvesting leek have no protection for the values ​​of vulnerable civilians, pollution and consumption. The blockchain is a cancer cell and a tumour that is recognised by the industry. This is why you must expose him.

5. He engaged in the so-called tens of billions of funds in a certain city. He only used local goodwill and uninformed government leaders and venture capital guiding funds to falsify the public impression of “government funds”. Now that the government has not paid a penny, he has raised tens of millions of dollars in total. He has deceived entrepreneurs and retail investors in the name of “the government’s tens of billions of funds” and invested in several currency-related and exchange companies. Then with these companies, the “government” platform concept flickers “fans.” Because of the special nature of the currency circle, the government’s credibility is particularly welcomed by retail investors. This kind of misappropriation of the government’s name to create an image of its own platform to harvest retail investors must also be exposed.

6. The blockchain industry also has a lot of people who want to do things to create value. Li Xiao Lai’s cancer value attempts to pull all the people into the water, and they are all described as liar to show the rationality of their liar behavior. This is very evil. Confuse the logic of viewing. I personally have no personal grievances with him, simply because I can’t see this industry-leading cancer behaviour.

Finally, I affirmed one of my core points: the blockchain will undoubtedly change the world, greatly reduce the cost of trust intermediary, and solve the risk of middle-income traps, but it must be standardised, must be transparent, must protect information from vulnerable civilians, and must gradually The value process blockchain can be trusted to be programmed and must aim to motivate actual wealth creation. However, at this stage, as long as this big swindler who is good at sophistry does not stop unscrupulous fraud, the industry will only be worse!

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