Bitkan presents documentary “Bitcoin – Shape the future”

On September 20th, the Blockchain Global Summit took place in Hong Kong.One of the highlights during the event was the premiere of China’s first bitcoin documentary: “Bitcoin – Shape the future”, presented by Bitkan, and supported by Bitmain, Huobi, ViaBTC and Bixin. The 45 minutes long film shows the history and development of bitcoin in China. The reporters interviewed more than twenty industry leaders all across the country and varying from tech companies to mining farms.

The event was initially supposed to take place in Beijing on the 10th of September, but was cancelled after the Chinese government promulgated new regulations banning ICOs and started scrutinizing exchange platforms and the like. Many industry leaders attended the conference, including Leon Liu (Bitkan), Jihan Wu (Bitmain), Bobby Lee (BTCC), Roger Ver ( and John Mcafee (McafeeXL).


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