Blockchain Conferences in China Cancelled Following ICO Ban

After the cancelled DACA International Blockchain Summit last weekend, more events in Beijing related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies are being cancelled or postponed, including the 2017 Shape The Future Conference. The event invited more than 80 enterprises and blockchain experts from all over the world were supposed to give speeches. In addition, the first Chinese Bitcoin documentary that witnesses the history of the coin in China was supposed to be shown.

It was said that the event was postponed due to the upcoming 19th National Congress, that takes place in Beijing in October. The organizers stated they are planning to reschedule the event on a different date in another city.

China currently shakes up the cryptocurrency world, whereas earlier today it announced a total ban on ICOs. Organizations and individuals should refrain from from raising funds through ICO activities and all financial institutions should not do any business related to ICO trading.

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