China’s Party News Agency Published Blockchain Guide for Officials

On Aug.13th, the publishing house of People’s Daily released a handbook titled “Blockchain-A Guide for Officials” aiming to offer knowledge about blockchain to the party’s bureaucrats. The book elaborates on the origin and core features of blockchain, potential use scenarios in the future and challenges the tech poses to business models and law enforcement.

Ye Zhenzhen, CEO of, wrote in the book’s preface, “The most important value of blockchain lies in its operating mechanism which helps to allocate resources in a fairer way and guide members of a community towards a shared future.”

According to People’s Daily Some other notable figures who contributed to the book include Shoucheng Zhang, founding chairman of Dana Capital, Duan Yongchao, chief strategy officer at Caixin Media Group, Xue Jingzhong, Hangzhou Investment Management partner, and Zhang Xuguang, Zhejiang Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Promotion Association president.

Currently, one of the cabinet-level ministries under China’s State Council is also charting a framework for blockchain standardization to assist the creation of regulatory guidance for the tech’s development in the country.

The recent book will be the third addition to the tech series created by People’s Daily Publishing House. The previous books focused on artificial intelligence and “Digital China.”







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