Da Hongfei Interviewed by Leading Dutch Financial Newspaper

On 23 September, Het Financieel Dagblad, a leading Dutch financial newspaper published an article with Da Hongfei, the founder of NEO. The article was written by Sjoerd den Daas and was published in Dutch. Below a short summary with the key points mentioned by the charismatic driver of NEO:

– The storm on the Chinese market is over, claims Da Hongfei. After the ICO ban and the closure of the exchange platforms there is not much more the Chinese government can do.

–  Mr. Da states as well that he was not approached by government regulators during the shutdown, but thinks the regulators were worried about the challenges cryptocurrencies can pose such as the decrease of domestic investments and outflow of capital. Though, he was consulted by Chinese regulators prior to the ban.

– Mr. Da stresses the blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies shouldn’t be tarred with the same brush. The Chinese government is strongly encouraging blockchain projects.

– The influence of Chinese traders in the bitcoin and overall crypto market is decreasing and he recommends traders to have a closer look at the Japanese and Korean markets. Even the majority of NEOs is already in foreign hands.

– Mr. Da claims not be involved too much in NEO trading but being focused on the bigger picture: the further development of an ecosystem in which plenty of developers work together on smart contracts, to be used for example in real estate and stock trading.

–  Lastly, the CEO of NEO sees the possibility that on a mid range term the  Chinese government starts using NEO to rollout the blockchain infrastructure nationwide.

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