Waltonchain No 1 Technology Provider to Support One Belt, One Road

China is launching the largest infrastructure project in history, called One Belt, One Road (OBOR). This $1 trillion initiative will create infrastructure connecting 60+ countries spanning all of Eurasia (Asia, Africa, and Western Europe). This project effectively extends trade routes by land and sea that connect 65% of the world’s population, about 1/3 of the world’s GDP, and about a quarter of all the goods and services the world’s supply chains move.

From the outside looking in, OBOR appears to be a smart move in China’s effort to become THE single global superpower.

Waltonchain appears to be the #1 technology provider to support OBOR from many different angles. Waltonchain will support the new futuristic maritime industry, facilitate warehouse management in Hainan, support smart cities by reducing pollution and improving waste management, among many others.

Also interesting for you:

Waltonchain has been chosen to revolutionize both the IoT and blockchain industries in China. They were chosen to create 2 separate blockchain focused-industrial parks in Fujian which is the center of the OBOR initiatives.

Waltonchain project director, Lin Herui was elected as the VP of the Fujian IoT Industry Association. This means Waltonchain has tremendous influence in the future of IoT in both China and Taiwan through the Cross-Strait Initiative. They have also been chosen to guide the IoT standards in China.


image via goodaudience

info from investinblockchain

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