Tomorrow CEO MingLiu Wang About His Unique Mining Company and Public Infrastructure For Blockchain

Founded in Q1 this year by MingLiu Wang, the Chinese Company Tomorrow, aims to have its IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2019 with aiming to be worth approximately HKD $10 Billion (USD $1,275 Billion) after existing only for about 2 years. Tomorrow credits its rapid and successful growth to their uniqueness and their four different business models. 

Starting with the idea to become a mining company, MingLiu Wang wanted to take it to the next level. He highly believes in the blockchain technology and according to him, it will be the future for all of us.

„The most important and crucial aspect for future implementation is building a public infrastructure“, said Mr. Wang. „As much as streets, trains and airports are important for cities and countries, technology also needs a very efficient and effective public infrastructure.“

Tomorrow’s business currently includes four aspects, hardware, „Mining Management Service Centers“ “, a non-profit community and being a financial service provider.

Firstly, hardware. Their current GPU-based computer, H8, which they only sell to partners and investors, therefore not being open to the public market, has 20% more calculation capacity and 25% less power consumption than their previous one. According to them, they sell hundreds of them each week, focussing only on the Chinese market for the moment.

„Producing our own hardware allows us to maintain and offer the most stable and secure network possible. Our R&D team did an extraordinary job with the H8“, Mr. Wang stated during the interview.

According to him, by the end of Q4 2018, they will have 300,000 GPU-based computers (from 250,000 now) across their 6 mining facilities in China, most of them being located in Sichuan Province.

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Their second and also major business targets two different groups of people. On the one hand, their „Mining Management Service Centers“ – which could be seen as the most accurate translation from the Chinese name and given by Mr. Wang himself – focusses on big institutional investors by having a minimum entry option of 1000 computers per individual. Acting as a host-like facility, they provide everything from setting up and maintaining your computers to make sure they run optimally and smoothly 24/7, 365 days a year. As Mr. Wang said, this business model allows us to serve the individual customer better and faster in case of any issues or demands. On the other hand, they offer a new form of investment by providing the ability to buy hash rate. This allows you to invest without having to own a whole computer by yourself. Hence, targeting the people who want to try themselves in the crypto market or are only able to invest smaller amounts of money.

Thirdly, they run a non-profit community, which is called Cloudlink, that serves as a platform for any kind of people who wants to learn more about blockchain, its future application and so on. They regularly host events where speakers from China and overseas are invited to share thoughts, ideas and experiences.

„This platform was built for everyone who is curious about blockchain and to build a community that can benefit from each other.“

Lastly, they act as financial service providers. Meaning, they offer cash (only RMB) in exchange for any cryptocurrency, in other words, enabling people to get cash with coins as a deposit. However, this is particular service is only possible for people who are a member of their Cloudlink community.

Besides planing on getting listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange next year, their overseas projects include offices in Los Angeles, London and Seoul. These offices shall serve as a hub for ideas and for sales assistance. In the interview with ChinaCryptoNews Mr. Wang stated that everyone can come by our office to propose their idea and discuss a partnership with us. „We believe in blockchain and are willing to support, but the ideas have to be good.“


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