China Top Coins – Infographic Series – 2018/09/21

China Top Coins – Infographics about the top Chinese coins, which include more specific data about 24h trading volume, the number of transactions made within 24h, the number of active addresses within 24h and the comparison between the ATH and current market cap.

The goal of this series was to create something new and unique to Chinese coins. Therefore, we came up with the idea to take the most known Chinese projects and make their progress and their current situation more visual. Also, we want to bring more uncommon but really interesting information to the public that will provide a deeper insight into what each project is going through at the very moment.

Hence, we designed these 4 infographics which we will update every Friday at 11 am UTC+8 or CSD (China Standard Time). All the data is taken at the referred 11 am time mark and will then be posted shortly after.

As we are always trying to improve our content and think there is no better way than engaging with your community, please let us know if you have any suggestions or wishes regarding those infographics. If you are a trader and want to know more specific facts or just a crypto enthusiast enjoying the content, write us an email or send us a message on twitter @chinacryptonews. Thank you very much in advance.

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