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Ban on ICOs – the aftermath: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

Update 2017.09.06 Where people were probably hoping for all the dust to be settled and most cryptos started to climb up again after its crash on Monday, today was another day of fear, uncertainty and doubt following China’s ICO ban. Various trading platforms, including Binance, Jubi and Yunbi, made similar statements about tokens being suspended...


Why China needs blockchain (but doesn’t need Bitcoin): Five predictions on the future of cryptocurrencies in China

Ever since the news got out that the Chinese government is blocking new ICOs, news sites and fora have been buzzing with speculations about the future of cryptocurrencies in China. Reactions vary from plain denial, clear misreading of the situation and doom-scenario forecasts for the global crypto market. Chinese coins took a strong hit (NEO went down 50% since the...

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